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Omni goku final version no collor by kaiserkleylson-d543x44

Tier: ∞

Name: Son Goku

Age: Older than Infinite

Classification: Supreme Saiyan

Origin: Moviecodec and Muslimpotence

Powers and Abilities: Son Goku Muslimpotence (Easily vastly above BeyondPotence>AllPotence>Trollpotence>Infinitypotence>Popopotence>Gokupotence> Brolypotence>Omnipotence)

Destructive Capacity: Easily Multi-Mega-Giga-Hyper-Omega-Omnisphere-All Coherence Hierarchy-All Godversal Level++++++++++, easily higher as Super Saint Holy Above All Beyond Son Goku

Durability: Easily Beyond Ultimately Indestructible+++++++++, easily even higher

Speed: Easily Massively Faster than True Massively Omnipresent+++++++, easily higher as Super Saint Holy Above All Beyond Son Goku

Strength: Easily Beyond Infinite Infinitons under Beyond Infinite Gravity, easily higher as Super Saint Holy Above All Beyond Son Goku

Stamina: Son Goku Muslimfinite

Standard Equipment: Black Star Golden Namekian Dragon Balls that can with beyond omnipotent beings out of existence and negate the power of other Dragon Balls

Intelligence: Son Goku Mulsimscience (Above and beyond Trollscience, Infinityscience and Poposcience

Weaknesses: You say that as if it's possible

Note about Coherence Hierarchy:

The Coherence Hierarchy is the ensemble of all omega omnispheres, omni omega omnispheres, Godspheres, Omega Godspheres, One Omega Godspheres, One Omega Zodspheres , Omega Onespheres, One Omega Endspheres, One Omega Chaospheres, One Omega Coherentspheres, Final Omnispheres, etc... the Coherence Hierarchy is an unending, never fixed, forever changing hierarchy of ever greater spheres with the lowest and weakest being the omega omnisphere, theres no highest one because there is always something beyond and goes eternally even beyond omni-infinity. By definition this is possibly the largest most powerful thing conceivable, since theres never an absolute end to it, even beyond the highest number felt. Lifeforms and animate beings will continue creating and discovering ever greater things beyond even after the omni-infinite sphere. The truth of this hierarchy is never a fixed thing but forever changing. There will always be something beyond. This hierarchy is beyond omni-infinite in size. Everything imaginable and unimaginable beyond the omni-infinite sphere makes up only a tiny omni-infinitely small portion of this hierarchy even, because one will continue to create and discover forever greater things even beyond the highest possible conceivable thing. All this is the Coherence Hierarchy and its absolute. All Coherence Hierarchies and everything beyond is the Omega Coherence Hierarchy.

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Stalemates: NONE

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